Day 2 + x

This is obviously not day 2 of the semester. I am actually in the last 4 weeks of school. I really intended to keep this site updated & going (I’m really good at slacking). Anyway, My classed are going good. I’m pretty sure I am passing all my classes. I know I am passing 2 of them. It is currently still Easter Sunday as I write this (not that that means a whole lot to me personally). I have 3 papers to write (2 due this week) & math homework to compete (none of which I have started on). I have managed to read a few books for my own entertainment this semester.

I have made a handful of friends, so that’s cool. None very close, perhaps one, but they are her friends so they are kinda makes them friends by association. I joined the fencing club at UCM. It’s pretty cool. I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting other than I get to play with a sword of a sort. I’m told I’m pretty good for a beginner.

It’s been months & I have yet to get a job here in Warrensburg. I really need to fix this & soon. I am quickly running out of money to feed myself, let alone keep this website hosted (that I use oh so much).

I really don’t have much to say. I figured I would post since I decided to log in to moderate the few spam (& 1 legitimate) comment(s) my e-mail kept telling me about.

Day One

Today was my first day of classes. I’m not sure what it is about this place, but sleep does not come easily. I was awake early enough to hear, what I assume to be, military men marching & sounding off. It was still dark. After accepting sleep wasn’t going to happen I waited for the sun to rise  before getting out of bed. I headed out around 8:30 AM to get something to eat and kill some time reading someplace that wasn’t my dorm. I stuffed my schedule in my back pocket and left. As I reached the 3rd floor landing (I’m on the 4th floor) I recalled wanting to grab one of the two door stops on the third floor & relocate it to the 4th floor where there were none. Behind the door I noticed a small baggy. My curiosity got the best of me so I investigated. I’m pretty sure it contained some pretty skunky weed. All that was left in it were very tiny light green & orange flakes.

After eating something & a bit of reading I headed off to my class early. Typically it’s always been “if I’m not early, i’m late” and I really didn’t want to be late.  I took a long, scenic route to kill some time. I remember where my first class was well enough. After arriving in the hall to a locked door I sat down to resume reading. Before that I decided to check my schedule to see where I was off to after this class. I had lost my schedule. I attempted to pull up the UCM student portal on my phone to check my schedule, but alas, my Android phone browsers are not secure enough to do this simply task. I had enough time to go find it, so I did. It had fallen out of my pocket in the furthest point it could have along my scenic route. So far, I could tell today was going to be a great first day… My first class of the day is an Anthropology class or  Human Prehistory. We will be discussing the ancestors of  modern man and apes. He kept using monkey interchangeably. If Planet of the Apes taught me anything it’s this: “Apes are not the same as monkeys”. Oh, well. I think it’ll be a fun class. When he took attendance he pronounced my last name correctly. Good job, sir.

My second class of the day is Algebra. My teacher is Mrs. Reinke. When she took attendance she, too, pronounced name correctly & added an inquiry if I was from Concordia. It seems she also hails from Concordia. Small word, eh? She gave us a short pre-test to see just how much we know, or rather don’t know. Fractions will be the death of me.

My third class of the day Intro to Politics. I hope this class is interesting. It’s got to be better than Government. My teacher is a big black man with a heavy French accent. I gathered what he was saying mostly due to context clues. He has a lot of enthusiasm. He did not take roll orally. It would have been fun to hear him pronounce my name.

My last class of the day is essentially Art Appreciation. The teacher is from California. She has a speech inflection that is quiet, drawn out; almost Valley-Girlesque. She did not pronounce my name correctly. I went into this glass expecting to favorable to the others but I am not so sure about that hope anymore. No one specific reason, just minor details here & there. Oh, and of all the classes (they all assigned some form of homework) she assigned the most as the first three chapters of our book (that’s 75 pages) by Thursday. Not pleased with that. Not pleased at all.

Alright, well, that was my first day. I have tomorrow to finish up my assignments. Now to catch up on some sleep that I missed last night.

Day Zero

The spring semester for UCM started today. Yesterday I moved into my dorm. Tomorrow I start my classes.  The campus is, to put it bluntly, nice. The campus is very clean and some nice exterior architecture. It seems that most of the interiors have been renovated fairly recently. The gym/recreational facility is well equipped with most anything you could ask for – including an Einstein Brothers Bagel. Everything is in walking distance. I can get anywhere I need to be within six minutes leaving my dorm room.
I awoke around 8 AM spending most of the morning wandering around getting acquainted with the campus:  I got my student ID card, I printed out my schedule, I figured out where all my classes are, I got my laptop connected to the network (this was an ordeal I simply don’t feel like recounting), & I ordered a new Mac from the student store. After realizing I had to pay tax I almost scrapped the purchase, but I’m not sure when I could get it otherwise so I went ahead and got a machine not as specced as I wanted but for the same price – this is me annoyed. I eventually made my way to the library where I wandered aimlessly up the 3 stories. As I was turning to leave a book on a cart caught my eye. The book was “The Little Prince”. It’s a children’s book that I had never heard of a child. I picked it up and read a bit of it. I came across a word and an expression I had never heard before. The reason the book caught my attention? XKCD, of course.

Yesterday I moved into my dorm. I almost didn’t. I had checked my room assignment in late December. By the time I arrived someone (something?) somewhere decided that I no longer needed the room and removed me from the list. At least they refunded my financial aid. After a short while a nice lady was able to get everything straightened out & I was able to move my stuff into my very tiny half of a room. It’s a small price to pay for not having to pay for gasoline. The only complaint I have about the dorms is the sub-par internet connection.
My roommate seems pretty cool. He’s not a freshman so I feel a bit safer keeping my stuff here (This being a matter of it getting ruined – theft will always be a concern). He’s clean cut 20 year old, an aviation major, & a soccer player. He has a stack of Kurt Vonnegut books & the collected “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” on his desk. He can’t be all bad … right?

All of my classes are on Tuesday & Thursday. I have 4 classes starting at 9:30 AM with the last one letting out at 3:45 PM. It’s pretty much a typical high school day. I should be able to manage.  What I didn’t take into consideration is a lunch break. I guess I’ll be playing that by ear come tomorrow.
I think that’s it for this post. Hopefully I can keep this up.
Oh, & some random girl complimented my hat. H00t h00t!

Soon to be a College Boy… Again

A month or so ago I decided to go back to college and get some education. I don’t really know what I want to do with my life, but I gotta do something and this is a step in the right direction… I hope. Anyway, I applied to UCM (University of Central Missouri) in Warrensburg, MO. I was recently accepted and will be attending the 2012 spring semester. I have an appointment next week to make schedule for the semester, I have to wait about two weeks to see how much financial aid I can receive, & I am debating on if I want to brave the dorms. It would be nice to live on campus and get the whole “college experience” but I can think of so many things that could go wrong with dorm life – plus the price for staying in the dorms is much higher than anticipated.

I also did some theme work on the site. I have a vision for the way I want my site to look. I found a theme called Copyblogger that I can think I can modify to make my vision a reality. That’s all I got for now.

The First Entry!

This is the first entry of my new wordpress! This is also my first wordpress. This is also mostly a test post to see how it all looks & such. expect a longer, better post later. hopefully.